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Drop Catering Menu - NYC 

All menu items priced for 10 guests

Marinated Olives | $35
House made Bread and Butter |$55
Stracciatella, with house made bread | $85
Salumi & Cheese, selection of meats, cheese, house made bread, marinated olives & butter | $185 Market Crudité, seasonal vegetables, smoked ricotta, white bean hummus | $90


Little Gem, anchovy, garlic breadcrumb, pecorino, herbs | $90
Marinated Cucumbers, garlic, basil, chili and breadcrumbs | $90
Endives, sea lettuce and anchovy vinaigrette, capers , breadcrumb, fiore sardo and parsley | $90 Antipasti Salad, little gem, pepperoni, soppressata, pickled peppers and croutons | $90
Grains and Beets, smoked ricotta, orange, seeds | $90
Seasonal Roasted Vegetables, gremolata, lemon, pecorino | $90


Italian, prosciutto, soppressata, pepperoncini, mozzarella, parmesan on a semolina roll | $130 Vegetarian, roasted seasonal vegetables, mozzarella, basil aioli on foccacio |$120
Sausage & Peppers, house made sausage, roasted peppers and onions, mozzarella on batard | $130


Baked Cacio e Pepe, rigatoni, pecorino, black pepper | $110
Vegetable Lasagna, seasonal vegetables, béchamel, ricotta, parmigiano, basil | $110 Meatballs, pork & beef, parmigiana, basil | $80


Pizza is available based on your proximity to one of our locations.


Wine, Beer, Saratoga Springs, Still or Sparkling, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale